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fighting about nothing...

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Usually once a month or so. :P


Same here too. DH has learned to just put on his armor about that time. And feed me chocolate.


Seriously though, yes, we do. It's frustrating, because I've realized recently that it's my fault. I'm the one that loses it and escalates nothing into something. I really need to learn to calm down. I didn't used to be like this, don't know why I've started.

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we used to. And now we realize that usually we just aren't on the same page. It's been like that a lot lately. we usually look at each other when we are going back and forth, clarify our topic and laugh when we are always talking about different things, lol!


communication has gotten better for us and avoided the fights

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Once we fought about a traffic sign--one thought it said "No right on red;" the other thought it said, "No right TURN on red." :001_huh:


We've learned to drop things, but we still *start* the stupid arguments. So I guess it's improved, lol, but I think it's personality: tenacious, detail-oriented, first-born, obnoxious...:001_huh:

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Not as much as we used to - but yeah - we still do occasionally:tongue_smilie:


Interesting...we're the opposite. We hashed out all the substantive issues years ago, so now we're left with arguing about nothing. Of course, we prefer to call it "spirited discourse." :001_smile:

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