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Any Trism users here?


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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

I LOVE TRISMS!!! The research based study is so rich and unlike any other curricula. I believe DAW is the only one that offers a non-historical scienge credit but it's general science and we were already beyond GS anyway. I think it's meant for if you do DAW in 8th grade. You donnt have to do the IEW, either skip the writing asignments or use something different. I'm on my phone so I can't type too much (not talented) but TRISMS has been posted about on the high school board so if you search there you will find some good information.

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We love Trisms. My daughter did DAW in 7th grade and is doing EOC this year for 8th grade. One nice things is that the program can be adjusted for your child's age and talents. We skipped History Makers because, after discussing the differences with Cheryl at Trisms (not Cheryl in SoCal) we decided to start with the next level because it offers more in term of writing assignments. My daughter is strong in writing and I want to develop that. We did use IEW somewhat, but skipped it for many of the assignments too, though she did watch all of the videos.


Trisms is researched based. For us, by the 3rd unit, may daughter was pretty much on her own. I helped find library books and occasionally web sites for her, but that was about it. Each unit to took approx 2 weeks. At the end of each unit, she and I discussed her worksheets/assignments in detail and she taught me what she learned. Trisms guides the student in learning, but does not teach, thus the student practices learning independently. In addition, she was able to organize her own learning schedule so that she could complete the unit by the due date that I set for it. Practicing this skill in itself is of great value.

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