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Which ones do you love for both dry and damp mopping? I am mainly concerned about dust. I keep changing my mind regarding which one to get. Yesterday, I finally bought a Rubbermaid that has a spray attachment; I think being able to mist the wood floors with a bit of water of vinegar/water solution is a good idea. But I like the O'Cedar's mophead better. I'm open to returning the Rubbermaid and using a spray bottle manually. I just want the way to collect dust rather than spreading it around. :bigear:

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We have a clorox dry/wet microfiber mop. If I use it dry I just put the end on the mop. If I want it wet I put some water (or water and vinegar) on it and ring it out until its damp. Then I toss all the ends to the microfiber mop and steam cleaner in the washer and wash them. It works well for all my tile floors, and my friend who has wood floors swears by it too.

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