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Latin (free) audiovisual course

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Some for you may be familiar with my Latinum podcast.


Over the summer, I have been working on an audio-visual Latin course, that is grammar intensive, yet teaches Latin through only using Latin.


It is aimed at complete beginners, and would, I believe, be suitable for children, and adult students. Even quite advanced students are using it, as the course teaches through spoken Latin, doing a lot to activate the language and re-program the brain to think in Latin, using a varied sequence of little dialog sequences. Declensions and verbs etc are examined in Latin.


The course has a lot of interactivity, loads of props, lots of repetition, and a fun dinosaur glove puppet.


So far, I have uploaded 130 short lessons. Some lessons will need to be listened to a few times, others only once.


And all this is totally free.

Here is the link:


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We've watched the first couple of lessons so far. My 8yo didn't understand that lesson 2 was talking about masculine and feminine words until I explained it. She knows Latin words have gender, but the message wasn't coming across (which is a hard concept to convey in an unfamiliar language, I know).


I would LOVE to have captions (in Latin) on the videos.


Thank you for all your hard work in making Latin accessible to all!

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With an 8 year old, I would gloss over the grammar, and focus on the conversation. ALL of the grammar is contained in the extensive examples - so even if your 8 year old does not 'get' gender, or 'understand' the cases he or she will still be able to internalise the grammar, just by listening to a huge amount of conversation.


The course is aimed at multiple levels, adults and children and there is a huge amount of repitition, but most of the learning, to repeat, takes place through exempla. Just like being plunged into a foreign country, you don't understand everything in the beginning, even with the huge amount of support material, there will be moments of incomprehension, but understanding WILL dawn. Just plough on through.



Gender and case are things that take even much older students about three years to internalise, as they work so differently to English...and the brain has to re-wire...it does this through the examples.


I would persevere, but focus less on the grammar the first time through.

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