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New (Free) Audiovisual Latin Course


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Some for you may be familiar with my Latinum podcast.


Over the summer, I have been working on an audio-visual Latin course, that is grammar intensive, yet teaches Latin through only using Latin.


It is aimed at complete beginners, and would, I believe, be suitable for children, and adult students. Even quite advanced students are using it, as the course teaches through Latin, doing a lot to activate the language and re-program the brain to think in Latin, using a varied sequence of little dialog sequences. Declensions and verbs etc are examined in Latin.


The course has a lot of interactivity, loads of props, lots of repetition, and a fun dinosaur glove puppet.


So far, I have uploaded 130 short lessons. Some lessons will need to be listened to a few times, others only once.


And all this is totally free.

Here is the link:


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Thanks. The response to the course has been fantastic.

I think it improves as it goes on, as I work out better ways of doing things with the camera.


Remember, parents using this, you can always look into Adler, if you are confused about something, although Adler's explanations are academic, and definitely not suitable for a child or teenager to read. Adler's grammar is on google books, just google for

"Adler Latin grammar for speaking and writing ".

As of today, lesson 212, I am up to page 43 in Adler.

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I love this!!! We are actually listening to Hercules right now! I am trying to play podcasts from Latinum whenever the kiddos are just sitting and coloring! It's so wonderful to hear Latin read aloud! I am trying to learn so teaching my kiddos will be easier!

Thank you so much!

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Remember - any questions you have while working your way through, message me via Youtube.

I have already given a few lessons brief annotations in response to user queries. Also, please rate and comment on the videos - I'm more than happy for the pupils to comment as well, and tell me what they like, don't like, as the course has a Long way to go, so useful suggestions about presentation can be implemented.

Just don't ask for subtitles! :)

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Ah! I can testify to this! Lesson 12 made no sense to us. We e-mailed Evan, and he wrote right back with an explanation. Thank you, Evan.


And, since you asked, the volume is too low on all the lessons we've heard so far. We've had to turn up the computer volume as loud as it would go to hear you.

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I'll see what I can do about the recording volume. That should be easy to tweak - but at least you can hear me :)

Also, check the volume slider on the youtube video as well. It might be set low. checking the volume slider thing on your desktop, by clicking on the loudspeaker icon might also work, if it has readjusted automatically to a lower setting.

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re volume - i just remembered what the problem is - I have a highly directional microphone - so it does not pick up other noises - set up for recording the audio podcasts. I was facing away from it towards my camera.

Once I realized, I moved it, and the volume problem goes away. The first episodes are audible, but a bit quiet.


After a few episodes, I moved it, I can't recall exactly when.....so the volume problem is only in the first few episodes.

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