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Yeah, that's going to need a good scrubbing and some primer. We used KILZ primer and ours turned out fine. But we tried to go over it with plain paint first and it did not work. It had to have primer...


If your kids are prone to that I'd wait until they grow out of that phase to do the work. You might have a few more spots.

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Are you sure it's not scrubbable? There are a lot scrubbable matte paints out there now & have been for years.


If you're committed to painting it anyway, I'd at least try to wash it first just in case it works. TSP if you can still get it - nasty for the environment, good for degreasing. (trisodium phosphate. Around here it comes in a little container like small milk cartons & is hidden on the cleaning shelves of home hardware stores. It's a crystalline powder you dissolve in water.)

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I've had to do this! My dd, who is now 12, painted her wall with it when she was 3.


We had to use an oil based primer in order to cover it. We tried everything, and then finally asked at the paint store. Petroleum is an oil, so nothing was going to get it out. It soaked right into the drywall.


She also painted her rug with nail polish. I had to cut that out. :001_smile:

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