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Help with Apologia Physical Science lab reports?

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We did General Science last year but we used the lab sheets from Donna Young and regular notebook paper in his binder for all his notes, vocab, etc. I'm thinking this year maybe he should use a sewn composition book but I'm not quite sure how to go about it. I've read some things online, including the info at Donna Young. Still, I'm wondering this one basic thing. Is the sewn composition book supposed to contain all his notes, vocab, answers to the "on your own" questions, etc... or is it just for labs? I know we'll be fine once we get going, but I'm confused about how to start this notebook.



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This is changing your set up a bit, but you can consider using a DIVE CD with Apologia for physical science. Here's the syllabus:



DIVE provides formatted lab reports where the student only has to fill in the blanks, so to speak. See a sample lab activity report here:


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I know when my D was in public school they had to write all their lab notes/reports/charts on looseleaf (lined) paper as they were doing the labs, and then cut the looseleaf paper down (where the red lines and margins on the paper are) and tape/staple/gluestick the papers into the sewn composition book. They THEN wrote the formal lab report on the blank pages following the taped-in papers in the sewn composition book.


Worksheets, handouts, and vocab etc. were kept in a thin 3-ring binder.

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