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I received my oldest son's and daughter's placement scores today...let's just say my jaw dropped, and the "suggested areas to improve" made me giggle a bit.


It's an automated system, it spits out suggestions based upon what the child misses, regardless of age. No GE's... just scales the score based upon their answers to a test that keeps going as long as the student does.


Let's just say, my 8yo dd isn't going to be working on 11 grade lit just yet. ;)


OTOH, my oldest son did well (if you account for the age differences -- my dd is 8yo 7 mos at start of school, and in the same grade ds was 7 yrs 10 mos), my ds scores would "look" like dd's scores.


However, he is still struggling with reading the test questions completely (he still THINKS he knows what the question is supposed to be and then answers based upon that. 90% of his wrong answers or difficulty finding answers is due to this one thing...makes me :banghead:


Any suggestions for my ds (other than keep working on it...as we will).


Thank you (and yes, I am so grateful that my dd tests well. What a relief!)

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