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My Memoria Press update

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I ordered Second Form Latin- BETA on 7/7.

Received notice it was shipped on 7/23.

Was about to call today b/c it still wasn't here, when I received notice that it was shipped today, 8/17.


So I spoke to a very sweet woman at MP (They're always so nice!) who put me on hold and then told me that the product had been back ordered, and nobody can figure out why I got the 7/23 notice.




Is it common to "back order" a BETA product? I always assumed they just sold until it ran out. Especially considering the final version is scheduled to start shipping any day now! And why in the world would nobody let me know it was back ordered? Chances are, I would have ordered the more expensive final product. :tongue_smilie:


I didn't really press the woman for answers, because I'm always taken off guard by polite customer service people.

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