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FIL refusing to fill insulin prescription

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My mil and fil are visiting a friend since Saturday. Mil found out that fil didn't fill his insulin prescription because he didn't have the money, so he hasn't had it for at least 3 days. He's Type 2, I don't know if that makes a difference. We offered to call the pharmacy and pay with our debit card if the dr. would call it in, but he is refusing to fill it! I don't know how dangerous this is, but this affects not only him, but his whole family, grandchildren included if something happens to him. I think his pride is getting in the way - we have offered to pay for any meds he couldn't afford in the past, but we always find out after a few weeks have gone by that he hasn't picked one up. How dangerous is this? I have no idea what his readings are - he's not the type to share this info. and won't say how he's feeling until it is time to call an ambulance.:glare: I'm very worried for him. I honestly cannot handle any more stress today! We were up with the dogs all night on the phone with poison control, inducing vomiting because they got into a supplement, waste water is flooding our basement and the bill is going to be hefty, and now I have to worry about my fil (well, more than I usually do). I'm tempted to get on the phone and let him have it, but I know I will burst into tears instead. Why do some people have to be so stubborn? Please send out a prayer for him. Ok, end of rant.

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Call him and get it off your chest. If you cry, you cry. So what? It will let him know how worried you are, and how much you care about him, and he might even feel guilty enough to fill the prescription.


Why can't your MIL just go and pick up the prescription for him?


I'm so sorry that everything seems to be going wrong for you all at once! :grouphug:



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My mum has type 2 diabetes and reckons that if he eats/has been eating extremely sensibly he may get away with it for a short while but he is doing something pretty silly and putting his health at risk.


I found this on line in relation to missing medication for Type 2 diabetes. It was a similar case.


"The most likely immediate consequence of missing medicines for diabetes is a high glucose (sugar) level. If the level is very high, it causes frequent and copious urination, thirst, and hunger. Vomiting, dehydration, weakness, and confusion can also be caused by high glucose levels. If the glucose level has been high for a while, the individual might experience weight loss. "

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Missing his insulin will lead to Diabetic Ketoacidosis, coma, and death.

If his diabetes has progressed to the point of injecting insulin he is either not making enough of his own or unable to utilize what his body is making.

While it may not happen suddenly, DKA is the inevitable result of what he is doing. If he truly cannot afford his prescriptions there are programs out there to help him.

Encourage him to get help.

This is not something he should take lightly.


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We occasionally deal with similar problems with my dm, who is also diabetic. I finally had to sit her down and explain to her that while I understood that she feels that her quality of life is so low at this point that she doesn't care if she dies, that unfortunately it very well might not happen that way.


Many diabetics go a piece at a time. She could first lose a foot, then a lower leg, then both legs, then perhaps go blind, then have to deal with multiple organ failure. All a very long, slow, painful, and desperately sad process. So no, that she couldn't count on a quick and painless coma and death.


I hated to have to be so blunt, but sometimes you have to tell it like it is.

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