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Needing a new camera..suggestions????

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My kiddoes all went together and gave me cash to buy a new camera for my birthday yesterday.


I am an avid scrapbooker, but my photography skills are very amateur.

I am definately a point and shoot.

Costco is our shopping experience of choice and they do have tons of cameras. So much so that I am overwhelmed with options.

What should I be looking for?????

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My husband works on cameras for a living....he ALWAYS suggests Canon or Nikon...Obviously there are many to choose from...he says that their basic models are just as good as the more expensive versions. A lot of what you pick will just be personal preference....however, he suggests one thing to look for would be the size and quality of the LCD screen...everyone gets so concerned about the mega-pixels, but his opinion is that any amount is adequate and the screen is more important.



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Thank you Susan. My daughter has COnsumer Reports and their August 2010 issue reviews cameras.

Their top pick is Nikon Cool Px S8000. costco carries it online for 254.00, including an SD card and that price is 50.00 less than CR price line. I am going to check on that at our local store and hope it is a tad cheaper there.

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I would need to know your budget and what exactly you are looking for. Do you just want a simple point and shoot or would you rather have inter changeable lenses and a DSLR?


We have Sony P&S cameras and I have a tiny Canon P&S that is easy to carry in my purse. But I also have a nicer Canon DSLR that I LOVE.



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I'm a photographer and I have a Canon 40D SLR that I use as my main camera. But when I want somthing smaller to carry around, I bring my Sony H50. Excellent 15x optical zoom (digital zoom doesn't matter....the higher the optical, the closer you can zoom clearly), 9.1 megapixels (although, as someone mentioned, it doesn't really matter what megapixels it is....the ones they make today are all large enough), large LCD, and even some manual options if you want to try those out.

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