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Follow up on cell phone for college

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My son went out yesterday and signed up with (and bought a phone for) Virgin Mobile at Radio Shack. The phone (Loft) cost $60 and he signed up for the $40/month plan - no contract. This gives him 1200 minutes of talk time and unlimited text and web. He's absolutely thrilled with it this morning and is having fun getting to know all the features of his phone. It seems to work really well in our area - and should work where he goes to college (check coverage area as they are not as abundant as Verizon). At this point, I highly recommend it if the coverage area works!


In our situation, we weren't coming close to matching the $40/month. We have a very basic Verizon family plan and while adding a line would only have been $10/month, we also would have had to add texting for either all of us or just him and we would have had to increase our minutes - adding up to more than $40. Then too, he wouldn't have had the web on his phone. While that wasn't a "need" for any of us, he sure likes it. The trade off is a lowered coverage area, but our thought is that as long as the coverage areas covers most of the places he's likely to use it, it's fine. Since there's no contract involved, we can change later if need be. As time goes on, hopefully their coverage will expand.


At Radio Shack they told him oodles of people are signing up with Virgin's low rates. I hope that doesn't mean they increase them. Actually, I'm hoping the competition brings Verizon down. If not, we'll reassess how much coverage area we NEED when our contract is up. When we traveled extensively we needed a lot. Now that we're not doing much due to the economy and having college student(s), it might be a lot less.


Anyway, just thought I'd share - and a BIG thank you for the recommendation! I love this board! I would have never considered Virgin Mobile if I hadn't started that thread and gotten the suggestion...

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