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Singapore Standard vs US edition


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Which is better to use? What are the differences other than the metric system?
Both cover the metric and the US measuring systems.


The editions are very similar. Some people assume that because the Standards edition aligns with California standards that it's a dumbed down version of the US edition, but this is not the case. A few topics were added to or moved around from the US edition to achieve alignment. The Standards edition covers a few more topics than the US edition: probability and data analysis, negative numbers, and coordinate graphing. Some topics from the US edition were rearranged for the SE. Here's a side-by-side comparison. More and better-paced review has been added to the SE, and the HIG's have been rewritten.


If I were going to start with Singapore again, I would choose the Standards Edition.

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I used US for 2A and 2B, and switched to Standards as soon as it became available. IMHO, the home instructor's guides for the Standards editions are much better than those for the US edition. The only issue I've had is that their production of the HIGs is lagging slightly behind where we are in the program, so I keep having to start a book without it, and then pay extra to have it shipped separately. Don't love that so much. We're starting 5A this fall--all the HIGs up to 4B are currently available, so that wouldn't be an issue for you.

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We used the U.S. Edition for 3A/B because it was cheaper and all the HIG's were available. I'm going to be switching to the Stds. Ed. for 4A because the HIG looks much better and I really struggled with using the U.S. Edition HIG for 3A/B.


The things I didn't like about the SE when I previewed it were:


-the pages in the text looked visually "cluttered" compared to the ones in the U.S. ed. text. It's not just the full-color because MM is colorful & that doesn't bother me.

-don't care for all the added review. I realize I can just skip those pages but the type A perfectionist part of my personality has difficulty doing that.

-I'm still concerned about whether all the HIG's will be available when we need them.

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