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Homeschool Meeting Idea - Need Opinions

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I asked in another thread for ideas for organizing a homeschool meeting for my group and I came up with this idea. I would love some feedback about what you all think of it. :)



OK - After opening time I would organize the room into 2-3 circles of chairs, placing a basket in the center that contains envelopes. I would ask everyone to sit in one of the circles. Then a timer is set and one person in the group chooses an envelope and opens it. Inside is an index card with a question on it. Oh and by the way, unknown to everyone each one of the circles will be assigned topics relating to either elementary, middle or high school years.


The cards are intended to generate conversation. You will get different answers because some will have "been there, done that" and others can only imagine. Once they have exhasted the conversation on the topic they can open another envelope with another question. My daughter said I would be running the group like we homeschool. With the younger (newer) and older (veteran) homeschoolers all mixed together. :)


I am thinking of either having people go around the circle and each giving some sort of answer or saying "pass". I might even give each person 3 pass cards to use thoughout the night (but only 3! so they must use them wisely)


After the timer goes off, I tell everyone to stand up and choose a new circle. It doesn't have to be with the same people, just a new circle.


I think this could be a fun way to get a lot of great ideas and get to know each other.


What do you all think?


PS If you like the idea, what kind of questions would YOU put on the card? My daughter suggested scenario questions... LIKE "If you were asked by a friend how to make their child pay attention during their math lessons, which included a hands-on popular curriculum, what would you tell them?"


I would like the questions to be all sorts of different, thought provoking, conversation provoking, maybe even controversial. If you have any suggestions (some of you REALLY like to be controversial LOL) I would appreciate it SOOO MUCH!!!!

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I moderated a panel for our group's open house. Here were some of our questions.


Tell us a little about your homeschool. (We had a couple Sonlight, a Robinson Curriculum and our resident -- and beloved -- unschooler on the board)

How do you decide what to do in a day? (Some people talked about the schedule that comes with the program they use. Some talked about scheduling various levels of kids. One talked about being willing to throw the plan out the window to take advantage of a special opportunity.)

What have been your favorite field trips?

How do you keep track of what you've done, either to plan what comes next or to get ready for college applications?

If we had an earthquake or typhoon and had to evacuate, what would you take with you and how would you homeschool while evacuated? (This was an attempt to get people to talk about what was essential and what they could do without. We also had a lot of discussion of what was online or in libraries.) I think there was a similar question of if you were living in the lodge (ie, motel) and had to do school for a couple months before your stuff arrived, what would you do.


Other questions I can think of include:


What do you do when one of your children refuses to do their work?

What do you do when one of your kids cries when it is school time?

What would your ideal school day look like?

If you could go back and change something from past years, what would it be?

What is the most rewarding outside activity that your family has participated in?

Do you use standardized tests? Why or why not? (It is not required in our area.)

A friend wants to start homeschooling her preschooler. What specifics would you suggest?

A friend's son is struggling with reading, what would you recommend?

What three childhood books do you think a child should not miss?

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