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Horizons math? also question about R&S math 3.


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What can you tell me about this? A friend recommended it because it continues with workbooks instead of switching to a textbook like Rod & Staff and Saxon. My son is not ready to write out all the problems and I am not spending my time doing that. I figure R&S is cheap enough to write in, but that didn't work so well for him either.


Our embarrassing history of math:

Kindergarten: Rightstart

1st grade: MFW 1st

2nd grade: Singapore

3rd grade: Rod & Staff 2 at a faster pace then started 3 at the end of the year


He really liked Rod & Staff, which makes me wonder if Horizons would be a good fit since it is spiral. He seemed to thrive on the repetition of R&S even if he didn't need it all. I cut some out because I wanted to move through it faster. I'm tempted to just stay with Rod & Staff, but what do others do if their child isn't ready to write it all out on paper? I was thinking of switching to Saxon 54 because I would rather use something less teacher intensive, but again the textbook issue.


Please tell me about Horizons even if it isn't a fit for this child as I have other children too. Do you buy the entire package? or just the workbooks? I was looking at the samples and the color really appealed to my kids.



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This is our first year using Horizons, we've been at it for almost 2 months. I bought the workbooks and teacher's guide. The teacher's guide has a lot of activities that aren't in the workbooks. Plus there's a bunch of worksheets in the back.


Ds was getting frustrated with doing the same problems over and over of stuff he already knew so I started telling him only to do every other for certain parts. Dd had just finished 3rd grade making straight A's at a ps and I had to start her off mid-3rd grade with Horizons so either the school was behind or Horizons is ahead.

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I started with Horizons K and am up to using Grade 4 this year. I love it and so does DS. I will stick with it until there aren't any more books to complete because I know I won't have any gaps in his math instruction.


Horizons does run ahead of the level listed on the book. I have seen anywhere from half a year to a year and a half ahead.


There is lots of repetition, but if you know your child has mastered a concept, omit some of the problems. However, because of the repetition, DS really has a solid foundation and understanding of the math concepts presented.


DS also likes that there are numerous riddles and puzzles to solve. Makes math a lot more fun.


I only bought the workbooks. However, I am a retired teacher and someone who doesn't like TEs unless absolutely necessary.

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Horizons is alot more colorful that R&S and that appeals to alot of younger children. Horizons does have a tendancy to be ahead of some other Math programs so it is important to do the placement test. It is a spiral approach so to get the full benefits of that type of approach kids should complete all the problems even if it does seem repetitive. There is a method behind that madness.


We are using Horizons 3 this year. Although it starts off with a bit of review I find that is great for building confidence and for me to find out where dd needs a little more practice. Dd really does well with this program. Most days Math takes about 1/2 hr for her unless she is playing around (looking at the window, playing with the cat....).

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