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Need a craft idea for homeschool group tomorrow...

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I am not sure how many kids. I am guessing 6-8. Ages could vary quite a bit, like anywhere from 5yo-12yo.


It's actually chess club but I am supposed to do a craft with the kids that don't want to play chess.


So it needs to be okay for varying ages, cheap, not too messy, but not so easy that it's done in 3 minutes and they are looking at me for what to do next. I'd love the craft to last at least 45 minutes and then we can play outside if they want to. I will probably bring a few board games for them too.


Any ideas? I thought about hiking around the park and looking for rocks and sticks and leaves, and then coming back in and painting and assembling them into fairies or gnomes or something. But the glue drying part could take too long. :confused:

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I saw this idea in a magazine. Go on your hike for 30 minutes. Have the kids find a "forked" branch and pick up any other leafs, dodads they liked. Then when you get back, weave baby fine yarn in a figure 8 pattern between the branch forks. This will make a mesh display for them to put their findings. Looked very pretty, not too messy, cheap, takes a fair chunk of time.

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For craft ideas, I always like the Family Fun website. You can search crafts by age range, type, material, etc. to ensure you have ideas that aren't too messy and would fit a particular age. I did a quick browse, and thought these Boogie Monsters looked neat (http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/crafts-by-age/school-age-crafts/boogie-monsters-672380/).


For other art projects, a site recommended on these boards was http://www.artprojectsforkids.org/.


Along the weaving idea, you could do embroidery floss friendship bracelets. Kids could finish them at home.


Erica in OR

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You could bring a stack of old magazines if you have them and let the kids select pictures to cut out and glue onto the middle of a piece of paper, then they draw in the rest of the scenery/background that they think would be surrounding their particular picture.


You could mix kool aid powder with a little water to make like a water color "paint" and let the kids paint pics with it- they'll have scented pictures that they can even "scratch and sniff" after the paintings dry. Though that might be too messy for you!


You could make fall "ear of corn" place cards- this is a cute idea that we did for Thanksgiving last year...





Or you could gather twigs and make "rustic photo frames"



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