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mattress type - memory foam or Sleep Number?

Memory Foam or Sleep Number mattress?  

  1. 1. Memory Foam or Sleep Number mattress?

    • Memory Foam (please give brand)
    • Sleep Number
    • Other - please explain

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We had a sleep number for about 6 years - but we both started having back problems because of it at about year 5. Not sure why....


We bought a Marriott bed, they are made by Jamison, and there are quite a few stores that carry them.



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My husband and I like to each be able to control how firm/soft the mattress is on our individual sides, in order to help with potential back/hip pain. We purchased a mid-level Sleep Number from the factory outlet/refurbished toll free number; not the lowest level, but not the high-level one with all the extra pillow top and foam.


Erica in OR

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We have a king size Tempurpedic "celebrity" mattress. We've had it for about 5 or 6 years now and miss it when we're away from home. It is soooo comfortable. It was hard as a rock when we first bought it, but after about a week and a half it was crazy comfy.

We looked at sleep number beds, but weren't impressed. We have friends who had one and they hated it after the first 2 years and ended up buying a Tempurpedic.

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I stay in hotels for work; one of my regular hotels uses the Sleep Number beds.


I hate them. Most of the people I work with dislike them, too. It might just be that we're not taking the time to find our perfect number, but I've tried several numbers over the years and still haven't found one that's magic for me ::shrug::. Enough people must like it because the hotel chain keeps using and advertising it!


I grew up sleeping on a futon, and prefer super firm sleeping surfaces. Hate soft beds. I bought futons for every room in my house (www.whitelotus.net) -- I liked that this company offers a wide range of options; even my husband found something he could live with (he likes softer beds; he went with memory foam).


We spend so much of our time in bed [ideally!] that it's so important to get the RIGHT ONE. Good luck with your search.

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My husband and I love the Sleep Number bed. Our "perfect numbers" change, but we have never been so comfortable. We have had it for about 10 years.


From these posts, it seems that bed style is a very personal choice. I wonder how you could test them for yourself.

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I'm not sure the brand (would have to peel back the sheet to find out), but we have a solid latex mattress wrapped in organic wool (natural fire retardant so no chemicals on any of them) and organic cotton. Ours is on the firmer side - dh likes it that way and it's fine for me even though I'd prefer a bit softer). The boys' is plush, so it is a bit softer than ours. We love them and will never go with a traditional/spring mattress or synthetic mattress again.

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Sleep number. We have had ours for over 10 years and love it. Never had a problem with it. We love that we can adjust each side according to how our backs feel. Always wake up rested and ready for the day without the aches and pains we had on a regular mattress.


We tried a memory foam mattress and really disliked it. It was too hot and we felt like we were sinking all the time.

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