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Instead of starting school today

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I spent the day sucking up gallons of water from my beautiful basement carpet. We made sure no water could come in from outside, but didn't count on having a problem with the waste line. Apparently it is going to cost $6000 to take care of permanently, or we can spend $1500 a year to have it fixed temporarily. Plus, I can't shower, do dishes, flush, or anything yet. And it smells down here. :crying: I just want to crawl under the covers and stay there.

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How awful! We had a catastrophic flood from upstairs leaking through the ceiling into the kitchen below and through the walls -- took eight months and ripping the kitchen to the studs to fix. We haven't paid it off yet, two years later. I had no idea water damage could be quite so horrific as this. Now I am absolutely paranoid about it. All my sympathies...

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