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Newbie question about co-ops

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I'm sure this is a really silly question, so go easy on me! :D


When you join a co-op, are you expected to take some of the classes offered? Or can you join just for the field trips, park days, mom's night out type of things?


This is my first year of homeschooling my 4 yr old dd . I am not really interested in the classes offered for her age group (cooking, art, and PE).


So would I be committing a major co-op faux pas if I don't enroll her in any of the classes?




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Yup, as others said, depends entirely on the group. But it would *not* be a faux pas to call and ask. Just say, "This is our first year and I have questions about how your group is set up..."


If it calls itself a "co-op" it may be that you'll be expected to participate fully in classes and take on some responsibility (teaching a class or working in the nursery or doing paperwork, etc, etc). But it may be that it's just an overall home school support group and you're welcome to sign up for classes (and pay for them) or not, attend field trips or not, show up at park day to play with the other kids, whatever.


In the group with which we're involved, you'd be more than welcome to participate in any activities whether or not you were taking classes. In another (wonderful) group in which we were involved, the classes were the vital, central part of the program and the field trips were selected specifically to support the classes. You couldn't have done just that part.


But call and ask! :)

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I attended a mom's night out with this group a couple years ago when I first started thinking about homeschooling. I was under the impression that members were welcome to take classes or not, but my dh is convinced that we are expected to enroll in some of the classes.


The first meeting is Thursday night, so I'll find out then!



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