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AP English Lit or AP Eng Lang (self-study)

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One of my teens is planning to take one of the AP English tests this year -- we still need to decide which one. Anyone have experiences to share with one or the other?


She is planning to self-study for whichever route she takes. Anyone else doing the same? If so, would love to confer and possibly be some support/encouragement for each other!


Also, if anyone's already trod this path and would care impart their wisdom, please share!


Stacey :)

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Not sure if this qualifies as a self study, but this past year my son (junior) did the Sonlight British Literature course http://www.sonlight.com/530-00.html, which is not "approved" by the AP board as an AP course, but Sonlight claims that it will prepare the student for the AP Lit test. It covers a lot of literature, writing, poetry, and vocabulary. He did the majority of the assignments, but not all of them because of other commitments and time constraints. About a month before the test, he worked through Barrons's AP English Literature and Composition prep book, as well as 5 Steps to a 5 Writing the AP English Essay (McGraw Hill) and when he took the AP English Literature test, he scored a 4. I was thrilled, since he would rather solve calculus problems all day rather than analyze literature! :001_smile: His plans are to be an engineer (aerospace), so that 4 is plenty good enough for the engineering schools he is considering.


Don't know if that helps, but has been our only experience with lit APs.


Good luck!


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