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English, what do you like for 3rd grade?

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We're using FLL3; it covers more grammar than other 3rd grade programs I've seen. Rod and Staff 3 is a close second, which was the WTM rec. before FLL3 was written and it's still a WTM rec. for those not using FLL3. It covers some useful writing mechanics like how to write paragraphs, so we pluck only the writing lessons out of it and use them. HTH!

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We use FLL3, I'm still finishing it up with my 4th grader (we started midway through last year after she begged me to let her quit R&S). For my rising 3rd grader, we're still working through FLL 1/2 and just started Writing With Ease 1. He really struggles with writing so we're going at a little slower of a pace.


My 4th grader has also used Classical Writing Aesop. We're going to start CW Homer soon and in the meantime are writing from a model with whatever story she's interested in (a Bible story or a historical story). And I assign reading based on the historical period or will assign a quality book I think DD will like (I let her read the less qualitative stuff, too), and we do Spelling Workout.

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We've just started - using WWE2, FLL3.


I had started with WWE3, but realized she was having trouble with the narrations. WWE2 seems to be a much better starting point. More hand holding.


She enjoys FLL3. I have MCT Island level. I'd really like to do it with her, but I think I'll finish up FLL3 with her first. I have a feeling there will be no going back, and I want her to get a thorough foundation this way first, especially since she's enjoying it.

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I really like FLL3, along with WWE 2 or 3, depending on the child. FLL 3 covers more grammar/diagramming than many other programs out there, and does it in a gentle way. The fact that the teacher and the student are discussing it together as they go through the book seems to make a big difference for my guys.


My second choices are Abeka Language 3 (which was recommended in an earlier version of WTM) or Rod and Staff.


Sheldon's Primary Language Lessons (free on google books) is also nice, but some of it is dated.

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We are in Texas too!!

Dallas area.


Thank you all for your posts......I've ordered FFL3. Looking forward to starting.


We are neighbors.:001_smile: Hope you enjoy FLL as we have! I'm sure there are lots of great options but we haven't tried anything else (except for a disastrous run with SL's language arts in the beginning...) so FLL is all we know. I will have a hard time leaving it when my kids age out.:tongue_smilie:

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