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UPDATE on the Violin Teacher Dilemma

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So, my kids were supposed to have a second lesson this summer (at 2:00 in the afternoon) and at 1:30, ring, ring, ring. Teacher calls to cancel, again. Said her power was out. (So, add that to the list of reasons why she has cancelled on us: "I have to go to the post office." "I have to clean my house." "Someone showed up unannounced and took your appointment." I had planned on telling her face to face that we are switching teachers, but had to tell her over the phone as she isn't having any more summer lessons. So, I told her due to my dh's job insecurity, he as asked me to cut down on activities or combine them. I told her there is a weekly activity that will take us very near the other teacher's house, so dh is requesting we switch to her.That was it. She did call me to tell me she owes me money for missed lessons and tried to get me to schedule makeups, but I've been down that road. I politely thanked her, and said a check would be fine in September when group lessons begin again. I told her we've enjoyed having her as a teacher and that if circumstances change, we might be back.


i don't actually plan on going back to her, but didn't want to burn any bridges. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions getting through this uncomfortable situation.

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I hope I actually get a check, and I think I will. The old teacher is a very nice lady, I think she just can't or won't admit she needs to lighten her student load. We weren't the only family she cancelled on, and I just couldn't stand it any more. You all know as well as I do that sometimes people need to cancel, especially if kids get sick, but it was just too often, and mostly when I was already on my way there (and wouldn't have left the house otherwise.)


So, we begin lessons with the new teacher in September. I am prepared for possible remedial work, as another family who also switched recently had to do. But, onward and upward!

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