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I need help w/ school planning. Does anybody have a form you've

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already created that you could share with me? I'm looking for something that I can type in the subject down the left side and the week/day across the top. I'd like for the children to be able to check off daily what they have done, so I'd want to have squares already in place for them to check off.


If you have something like this already created, could you send it to me at emnichols5@gmail.com? Under the circumstances I can use all the help I can get in getting this school year started.


Thanks so much!



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I have one that I will send you if you are interested you can see it here. I have it in both Word and Excel and it is easy to delete the subjects and type in your own on the template. You can also easily change the cell sizes to suit your needs (it's easier to use in the Excel format though). Let me know.

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