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World Religions study: DVDs from the Teaching Company??

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Has anyone used Religions of the Axial Age or the 5-volume set Great Religions of the World to enrich a study of world religions?? I am interested in feedback on these or other Great Courses. And if you have any to sell or rent out, LMK! ;)


I would particularly like to find resource(s) that actually tries to be fair in its approach and looks to leaders/people within that religion and the actual religious texts (rather than interpreting other religions from, say, a Christian worldview... and I am saying this as a Christian).



Stacey :)

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I did look at hippocampus, but a couple of the parts I looked at I wasn't very impressed with -- but I did not do a careful study of it, so I may be way off on that.


We did just start watching the Axial Age set of DVDs from Teaching Company... just the first lecture, actually. I was listening while doing dinner prep, so not as focused as the girls, but I found it interesting. I really like that the focus of this series.


HOWEVER, as soon as it was over, the girls were going on about how the lecturer's tone was condescending. I'm trying to remember their examples, but it was something like the teacher saying "these people imagined" when speaking of their beliefs. My girls felt that even if one doesn't agree with someone's beliefs, you should be respectful enough to at least say, "the people believed...." I never noticed any comments like that, lol, but they were quick to jump on it. So I guess I'll have to listen better and see for myself!


Will keep you posted!

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The Teaching Co has a new religion course in the current catalog: Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad. It's taught by Mark Meusse, the same prof who does the Axial course and the Hinduism course. The new course is $100 through 9/30. You can also get it as a set with all five of the Great Religions course for $220.


I have the Axial course and the 5 Great Religions courses, which I plan to use next year (8th grade) for a World Cultures & Religions course. I think the new course looks really good, too (there's a lot more detail about it in the catalog than there is on the website); I'm trying to decide whether to get it now or wait until next year.



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