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I wrote earlier this week on a thread about age spots -


I use the Paula's Choice skin lightening products + a really good sunscreen every day.


I got very bad hyperpigmentation on my forehead during my last pregnancy & I used a presrciption cream from my dr to get it down a bit & now I can maintain things with the Paula's Choice products so long as I use sunscreen faithfully. I also keep fairly thick bangs on my forehead for additional protection.


I'm wanting to get one of those Japanese face visor things too. I see ladies on the streets of Vancouver with them but I have never seen them in the stores. One of these days I'll have to ask one of them whether I can buy them in Vancouver or just order online.... http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/ek20100617wh.html

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I have coffee colored melasma on my face. I use a prescription product called TriLuma in the fall. I can use it until my face clears up, usually a few months. Then I stop using it until fall again. I don't wear sunscreen on my face all year long and that is why it comes back. My derm recommends an SPF 50+ for all year long to keep it from getting so bad by fall. I just don't like to use chemicals all day for the 10 minutes I go from home to car. So, I deal with the melasma when it gets bad enough to bother me I treat it.


I wouldn't treat it at all but with my complexion it makes my face look like my makeup is all sweaty and smeared around on my face.....even if I don't have makeup on at all. :(

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I have severe hyperpigmentation -- I have to see a Dermatologist.

Back when $$ was no object for my family, I used Tretinoin with an OBAGI regimen to reduce my hyperpigmentation in the past. It is pricey -- one tube of Tretinoin cost $75 back then. I'd also used to do monthly microdermabraision chemical peel treatments at a spa. But that is also expensive. It really worked, tho'. The only bad part is you HAVE to avoid the sun and wear hats when outdoors.

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