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Hey Flat Stanley Mamas!

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I have noticed there have been a bunch of group emails ging round lately wondering where oh where the Flat Children are....Some people haven't gotten any, others seem to be getting them in bunches...


I mailed my Flat child out the first week, have had 2 adventures and then he just disappeared...haven't heard from him since 7/25. I have yet to get a Flat child in the mail and when I contacted the person above me on my list - she said that I am above her on her list and she has been waiting to get my Flat kiddo!


I don't want to step on any toes....but, it seems like having multiple lists has been a bit confusing - resulting in some having multiple kiddos and others not having any...Would anyone be up using just one master list - the one that was compiled as a Google document and that we have all verified as having the correct info??


I am just thinking that one master list would make it less confusing and distribute the Flat Kiddos a bit more evenly....It might be a bit of a pita at first - to print out the Google list, and then replace the old list that accompanies each Flat child with the new Google list (crossing off any places that are already crossed off on the original list to prevent repeat mailings).


what do you think??

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We just received our first two in the mail yesterday. I haven't heard from ours since he left. LOL I wish the ones we just got would have come earlier because we just went to the Dino Exhibit at the Witte Museum in San Antonio and that would have made for some fun adventures!!!

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