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What is your 4 year history plan? Help.

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I am feeling overwhelmed and confused.


The only way to play on PS team sports in our district is to either attend PS or belong to the district's charter school. So we are actually enrolled in PS via the charter school. We're rural and there aren't sports opportunities outside of the school system where we live. It just is what it is. I won't take sports away from my children so I'm left with this juggling act - trying to blend the child's interest with what needs to be covered to be well prepared for college, and to look good for college admissions, AND what the PS high school wants.


This is what the PS HS wants:

9th: World History

10th: US History

11th: Government .5 (one semester)

12th: Sen. Elect. Alaska .5 (one semester)


Last year for 9th dd did "World History" and covered up to 500 AD. However, she also studied US History on her own. Now, I've no idea what the PS expected for World History but I bet it's meant to be more than just up to 500 AD. Our advisor at the time was very experienced having taught in PS HS and later homeschooled her own children through HS. She knew I was following TWTM guideline for history study. She got transferred and I have a different advisor this year.


This year dd was going to use EOC for History (500 BC - 1500 AD). I figured dd would move quickly through the overlap with last year, and I'd get RON for her to start as soon as EOC was a finished.


Now I'm questioning everything. I don't know how to cover history in the way we want and meet the charter school's requirements. I miss the days of not being part of a charter school! I just want to scream. But it's more than that. If we use TRISMS (which I just love the idea of) we basically have to cover EOC, RON, AOR, and a year of US History, right? And we've only 3 years to do it in. So maybe I need to drop the idea of using TRISMS.


If you've read my other thread you know the PS HS didn't have anything to put Ancient Greek Literature under. They don't even have a World Lit option, only Brit Lit, Fiction, Film as Lit, Journalism, Creative Writing, etc.


When it comes to History, this is what they have on the official District Course Master: World History, US History, Government, Alaska Studies, Curr Issues.


So if I don't go with US History this year I'm going to have to request that they put in a special request and then have a name for them to use. Should I request World History 2? Another name?


What would you do for History at this point? How would you handle the next 3 years?


I'm going to walk away now and do things that have nothing to do with my eldest child's education. :confused1::o:crying:

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Could you possibly just follow your original intention to follow the WTM four-year plan, and then do what SWB suggests for transcript purposes: have two years of world history, one year of U.S. (covered as you get to the proper time periods in world history), and the half credit for government as you cover original documents in history and literature? You may have to fiddle what you show the charter, in that you'd have to read the stuff as you encounter it according to your reading plan, but turn in an "official" record of your reading as it would fit into their separate courses -- what I think I mean is that you may read the government stuff earlier on, in the third year of world history, but maybe present it as "government" for senior year transcript purposes; likewise, you'd still be reading world history along with U.S. stuff in the junior and senior years, but for transcript purposes you would present it as a junior year course.


I have no idea how comfortable you'd feel doing this or whether testing issues would interfere with such a plan. But it's a thought, as laid out by SWB in the book. If you decided to try this, could you select your own adviser and ask for someone who is familiar with classical ed?

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We are using Veritas Press's Omnibus III this year (9th) and will follow this curriculum throughout hs. If we follow this plan for three years, we should have credit for U.S. Lit/ Brit Lit, U.S. History/ World History, and theology (elective). The courses will not play out grade-by grade like the PS, but in the end, you will have all you need. The course is pretty demanding, but it combines lit and history--worth the trade for me. You can get more info about credits from Veritas and possibly get your advisor to sign off on it. Another option may be to look at Nottgrass history/lit combination courses. They are more in keeping with the PS model, but may suit your needs as a classical educator as well. Note: These are Christian based--not sure if that will work for your family.


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