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Jelly makers, I'm in a jam.

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Ha! Ha! I crack myself up.

Anyways, I am finally (after 7 yrs of watching the children make horrible things with them) am going to make chokecherry jelly. I have never canned or anything like this. I have lots of chokecherries (so far I have 2 large bowls and have about the same amount still on the trees in the back yard)

I googled and found a utube thing and some recipes.


Here are the questions:

the recipe calls for liquid certo (I bought dry) any difference??

the recipe says to pour wax on top--is this needed (I've heard that its not really used so much anymore)

is chokecherry good? DH says yes ('cause they are nasty raw)

any hints for a scared first timer?




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I've never made it but have been the lucky recipient of lots of jars thanks to a former landlady and it is DELICIOUS! Her's always had the wax on the top of the jars if that helps at all... Good luck and enjoy when you are done. Chokecherry jellys are such a treat! (Loved your title, btw!)



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With liquid pectin, you'll probably get a more clear jelly, but I always use regular pectin and can hardly tell the difference. Hot water bath is better than the wax seal. If you're going to use it fast, you can just keep it in the fridge, but if you want to keep it past a couple of months I would do the hot water bath canning.

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There is a difference between powdered pectin and liquid pectin, but it's mostly in how it's used, not in the finished product. With powdered pectin, you add it to the fruit or juice first and then boil, and then add sugar and bring to boil again. With liquid pectin, you add sugar to fruit and bring to boil, then add pectin and bring to boil. Some people believe that liquid pectin results in less foam, but I've only found a teeny difference, not enough to matter.


As for wax...that's pretty much outdated and I wouldn't consider it safe for long-term storage. Your best bet is to can it in a water bath--just use a really big stockpot with a rack placed in the bottom. The packages of pectin have good instructions. Be sure and follow the high altitude instructions if applicable--you have to process in the water bath longer at higher altitude--again, the pectin box should have instructions.


As for chokecherries...I'm jealous. I had a jar of that once and it was excellent.


Good luck!

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If you have the freezer space, you might find freezer jam a better 'newbie' project for you. I just made cherry freezer jam last weekend and I was amazed at how easy it was. The instructions are inside the box of powdered pectin. I bought a couple of packages of those round 2-cup Ziplock containers with the screw on lids. My 7 yo son has been inhaling the results :D


I've seen recipes that call for liquid pectin but I have trouble finding it in my area. Waterbathing jam isn't too difficult if you decide you'd rather can.


In any case, I've found the Ball Blue Book an inexpensive and valuable resource for my canning endeavors!

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Thanks again ladies!!!

I will try the powdered form and will add it before the sugar and I'm going to attemp the hot water mathod (I think I'll have too much to freezer it-'cause I'm gonna have to give at away-easier if not needing to be cold)


I'll be trying this on Monday--




Hot-water-bath canning is really pretty easy as long as you have a pot that's large enough to have enough water to cover the tops of the jars!


This is probably obvious, but since it's new to you, I thought I'd mention it! Be sure that the lids have sealed before you store them. To ensure a good seal, make sure to wipe the edge of the jar with a clean cloth before you put the lid on.


Have fun!

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