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Our cat thinks we bought this property just for her ....

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Have you ever heard the joke about the difference between dogs and cats? You feed, walk, pet, etc a dog and they think, "You must be God!" You feed, pet, take care of a cat and they think, "I must be God!" :lol:


Our cat (born of two barn cats) was mostly an indoor cat for the first five years of her life. We lived in town and just didn't want her bugging the neighbors or getting into trouble with the feral cats at the fairgrounds half a block away. Plus I wasn't sure she'd come back. Well, now that we have two acres on the outskirts of town, we've started opening the door and letting her out more. She's in heaven! Shrews! Bunnies! Birds! My dh just joked that she's probably thinking we bought this property for her sake .....

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