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Musical Cultures Curriculum recommendation needed


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I'm teaching a class at our co-op this fall for the K-2nd graders. The idea is musical cultures: learning about instruments and songs in other cultures and traditions, perhaps also making some instruments as a craft.


My schedule is very full this fall. I didn't even want to teach this class, but I badly want the class offered and the other people I petitioned to teach it are not able to for one reason or another. (I'm the board member who needs to fill the classes.) So, I decided to offer it myself.


Does anyone know of a curriculum with minimal prep? (When I say "curriculum", I just mean music has been put together, maybe a coloring page of the countries, CD, instruments and perhaps craft instructions.) I really want something that's already been thought out. I just need 10-weeks-worth of classes. If you know of something that fits that bill, I'm all ears! :bigear:

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I have book from my teaching days called "Multicultural Music". I'll see if I can find it. I can pull it out and see what types of resources it has.


I still have many music teacher friends at the elementary level and a few like these: Music Of Our World


When I did a quick google search, I did come up with some pretty cool sites, but it would definitely take some time to sort through it.

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