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Dave Ramsey's Super Pack or CM pet store?


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I totally love CM Pet Store, Personally i would probably choose the book store. It is simple to understand, but very helpful at understanding finances. This is so important. Dave Ramsey is good also, But my preference would be the CM. nancyt.:)

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If you have used/looked at both, can you tell me how they compare/differ and which you prefer?



We've used CM store, and the kids enjoyed it. Imo, the two things you mentioned accomplish separate purposes. The store is good for math & business, and DR is personal finance, kwim? The DR kid stuff has never appealed to me. To get the best of both, do the CM store, and teach your kids the DR principles in daily life, allowing them to have a larger part in watching what you do with family funds and explaining why you're making the choices you are.

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