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YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!..and share it with your kiddos

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Another thread jogged a funny memory from my childhood.

Anyone else remember hearing the 3 stooges teaching the alphabet?! It's funny and yet educational. To see it go to www.youtube.com and enter in the search box "3 stooges swingin the alphabet." This clip is only 2 minutes 13 seconds. It's great!


An aside: I took my son and neice to get pictures taken at portrait studio back in May; while we were there at the checkout there was a photo/advertisement showing some graduates in their cap and gown. In my 3-year old neices mind, the image obviously triggered this same 3 stooges clip which I had showed her about 9 months earlier. As soon as she saw the graduates (which were dressed like the stooges) she said, "Look, Aunt Mar!" and immediately began singing the "swingin' the alphabet" song. She literally had heard the song about three times (I recall showing it to her and her asking me to replay it another time or two). It stuck in her memory banks well as she sang the first part of it VERY accurately.

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Thank you mhg!!!


That clip is proof that I'm a visual learner. :D My dh has been trying to teach me that little ditty for years but I could never figure out exactly what the pattern was and believe me, he would sing it painfully slow but to no avail. Now having seen it, it is sooooo easy! :lol:

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As for the questions about why they're teaching adults...who knows?

I'm GUESSING that somehow the stooges are caught up in another self-imposed mess and they've claimed to be chorus teachers and have to prove to the onlooking professional gentleman that they are so they teach this primitive song which the students take off with like pros and they cheese it up and come out smelling like roses.

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