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AuntieM - does it echo in your house?

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Heehee... I am not a hoarder, but I am counting the little things. Well, honestly, if I counted every paper clip I'd surely be over 2000 by now.


I have parted with things small and large, including lots of books and toys. I don't count every lego brick (in fact, haven't gotten rid of any of those yet), and if I ditch a 7 or 700 piece puzzle, it counts as 1 item, but things have really added up. Way back in January I posted the "rules" I was going to follow, including the one that anything I would normally throw away wouldn't count (ie, trash).


We have moved a lot and I've lugged around many things "just in case" I could use them at the new house. Well, I am tired of that and now I am purging. Hoping to downsize in the next year or two, so that's motivating as well. Also, I have held on to all kinds of craft supplies, and now I am reducing that stock. Anything that cost me money - even a small item - gets counted if I toss it. Clothes that were not favorite items and just taking up room in a dresser or closet have been removed without mercy. Just going through my shoes made me realize that I basically could get by with three or four pairs and some winter boots. The rest, history! (And a pair of shoes counts as one item.)


It is really liberating to choose to part with things. But I still have a long way to go. Fifteen hundred *is* a large number, but I bet near everyone on this board could come up with a large number, too, if they made it a goal.


Thanks for noticing, anyway!

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