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The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone?

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I am not a vegan, but aspire to eat less animal based products. The book was inspiring, although she used the words excellent and amazing far too often. The book was pretty down to earth, and several recipes revolve around a macrobiotic diet, which wasn't very important to me. I got a few ideas, but didn't try many of the recipes. I did adapt a cheesecake recipe from it, which was okay. I liked it, but I think a fruit pie is more practical in retrospect. but I'm not trying to be a complete vegan, either.

There are some really yummy looking desserts, some easy but creative bean dishes, and a recipe involving a panini press. Nothing ground breaking, but not exotic or weird either. Much of the book is very down to earth practical suggestions for living a green life style.

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If you're just looking to eat less meat and not avoid every animal-based product (veganism) there are better cookbooks out there. Personally I don't mind using a little chicken stock or cheese, so it's more of a philosophical question...


My favorite ones are anything that contains the word "Moosewood" in the title (I like Moosewood Restaurant New Classics). They test all these recipes in their restaurant and I haven't had a bad thing from any of them.


How to Cook Everything Vegetarian is another really good one, with great basic recipes that have simple ingredients.

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