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I made my last homeschool book order today...

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This is middle dd's Sr year. She is dual-enrolled at the local CC and so far has a 4.0:hurray:


She will be taking Spanish 2 and 3 as well as English (comp and literature) at the CC this year. This will also complete her Freshman year in college!


At home she will complete Pre-Calc, Physics, Anatomy and one semester of Economics. She also participates in our local high school band--she is not allowed to march (but that is just fine with her!).


DD plans to continue at the CC one more year then transfer to a state school her Jr year. This will be the equivalent of over $20,000 in scholarships. She is aiming for a Pre-Med or Pre-Dental program... and that means lots of potential student loans... so at least she will be off to a good start and hopefully will have some scholarships to help with the rest.


This dd is also my 'problem child'... her thyroid does not work--and she has anxiety and oppositional issues because of it... she has been a HARD child to parent (and live with too--but she IS improving/maturing and has a GREAT group of friends).


Youngest dd is attending our local PS. It has been a good choice for her. We will take this decision one year at a time... who knows--she may be homeschooled one day yet!

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Congratulations! I know how you feel. This is ds's last year too. He is taking classes at the cc and a few at home. DD is a junior at the ps. I have ambiguous feelings. I will miss hs, yet I'm anxious for the next chapter of life.:) My oldest is 30- I've been "mothering" for a long time, and although you never ceases being "Mother", roles do change. It will be interesting!

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