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High school World History for Downs Syndrome


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Does anyone have a recommendation for a high school world history curriculum that would be very simple and easy enough for a Downs Syndrome student to comprehend?



It really depends alot on reading and comprehension level. I would do something simple such as Story of the World then add any extra resources that the student could handle. I think I would do alot of dvd resources (netflix has abunch that works great with SOTW!) At the high school level I would think 2 books a year would be ok (again, depending on comprehension level)

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I'm using The Complete Book of World History as a spine, along with TONS of videos, as a HS world history program for DH's uncle (mildly retarded plus somewhere on the autistic spectrum). It's not a workbook like most of the "Complete Book of...." series, it's more like a DK/Usborne type book. Each topic is a 2-page spread, with lots of illustrations, and the text at a middle school reading level. It looks like there are about 130 topics (2-page spreads), some of which could be grouped together (or skipped), but I also think you could use it over 2-3 years, adding in lots of videos and some extra reading on topics of particular interest. For the topics of less interest, the book provides at least a basic introduction and key concepts/figures/dates/etc.


I'm also using the Teaching Company's high school world history course as a supplement. It's 30 half-hour lectures by a guy who dresses up in costumes and impersonates historical figures. It's more on a middle school level, but your student may appreciate having a course that actually says "High School" on the front. ;) DH's uncle was very proud of taking what he saw as a "real" HS course. (The website is coming up with the full price for the course, but I believe it's on sale through the end of August for about $80; search on the HS board for a TC code, or I can help you look for it if you're interested.)



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Each child with Down syndrome is as different as typically developing children are from one another. My daughter is now 9 years old and has typical non-disjunction trisomy 21. She is included in her typical public school class, but they don't get history at school. So, we do Story of the World at home and she LOVES it! She answers the questions, creates timelines, etc.


Perhaps you can tell us more about his particular needs and we can narrow in on what would work. So, for instance, my daughter follows along beautifully for verbally based subjects, but math -- YIKES --- nothing worked at all until Math-U-See :D


Also, are you active in any Down syndrome groups? At the recent National Down Syndrome Congress Conference there was a mother who had 10 children with T21 and she homeschooled them all! I can try to track down her name and contact info for you. I"ll be she'd be an amazing resource!

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