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Tell me what Greek program to buy for my 7th grader

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Looks like we're dropping Latin in favor of Greek... this girl loves all things Greek and she's inspired, so we're going with it.


She asked for Rosetta Stone, but I don't think that's the direction we want to go just yet. She's really into Greek history and mythology, and wants more of the reading/writing side (I can't believe I just typed that, but there it is). She's not super academic, so something elementary level would be okay for now. We're not particularly interested in Biblical/New Testament Greek, but I don't mind Biblical references. She really wants to be able to translate stuff.


I'm looking at Greek For Children, but I have no idea what the age range is on that one... Song School is way too young... I'm open to all suggestions.


Whaddya think?

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If she's intellectually mature enough for some more "hardcore" stuff as well as rather independent, get her Athenaze, supplement that if needed by some lighter resources or things you find online, and take it slowly if you're afraid it might be overwhelming. At this age, it's a shame to limit her to resources aimed specifically at kids, they will just make the process longer since those resources are basically "warming up" for some serious study later, and she might be old enough to jump into it right now.

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Thanks, EM. I did see that one on Rainbow Resource, but I think it's beyond her right now. It's the first thing she's ever, EVER asked to study (other than Greek mythology) so I really don't want to overwhelm her or she'll shut down. It's one that I'll keep in mind for high school, though, if she wants to do that as her foreign language.

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