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Yet another transcript ?

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In the grade equivalents section this time.


I have percentages on the left and the GPA they convert to e right of them.

It looks like this:

95 - 100 = 4.00

87 - 94 = 3.00

79 - 86 = 2.00

72 - 78 = 1.00


However, a 90 - 92 would actually be worth 3.3 and so forth.


I want to be clear and I want to make a transcript with integrity.


Do colleges presume graduated points between or no?

Should I show the entire graduated equivalents or no?

And lastly, what are your graduated equivalents?



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You may want to take a look a Covenant College's info for homeschooled applicants. They have a GPA calculator along w/transcript templates.


Also, FYI many colleges are re-figuring the GPA to their formula. Considering that there is no standard and they get transcripts from all over the world, it makes sense.

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Does OK have a different grading scale from the norm? The reason I ask is that in Florida the grading scale is


90-100: A 4.0

80-90: 8 3.0 and up to 3.999

70-80: C 2.0 and up to 2.999

60-70: D 1.0 and up to 1.999

below, well, we won't go there!


About the colleges (in Florida) I called 2 of them last week with a similar question and I was told they convert everything according to "their own" system. I was told to list the:


name of the class---the number of credits---the final grade---location*


*The "location" meaning if it was a university class, etc.


One admissions director told me that they can "read between the lines" of all transcripts, including those from home educated students and those from traditional high schools. She said that just because a student takes an AP class at a high school and is awarded an extra full point, the college admissions department won't necessarily give credit for the full point, especially if the student did not score at least a 3 on the AP exam.


My D's college freshman friend was visiting us this past weekend and she showed D her (last year's) draft for her college applications. Her UNweighted GPA was a 3.0 but weighted (with all the "award points" for AP and Honors classes) is was a 4.2! Big difference, and the college she is going to was aware of the common GPA inflation by loading up on AP classes, so the admissions department told her that they were admitting her "on probation" because her SAT scores--in the 510 to 540 range--did not match up with her weighted GPA.



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I fully expect colleges to refigure the GPA to their standards. It does make sense, so assumed they would. ;)


Which is why I haven't bothered to put a grade column on the transcript. I can very easily, but I figure if there's an equivalence section, listing the grade and the GPA seems redundant, not that that means they don't want it.


I have no idea what the equivalences are in public schools here as I have nothing to do with them as a home schoolers, but I do know that many private schools and colleges have upped theirs similar to what I have written.


But if they are assuming points between, then I don't need to add several more lines to that section. It sound like they do. Yes?

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