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Chattanooga, TN!


I need a break. I enjoy our small town. I like the mountains. I am usually content but I want to get out of town for a couple of days.


We are hoping to save up some money to take a trip for a couple of days. A friend mentioned the aquarium at Chattanooga. I have looked online and they have a homeschool day at the end of September.


Any other ideas for fun during that time?? It would be dh, ds8 and possible a friend for him, then me!:)

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It has been a few years since we did the Chattanooga thing --but we did the aquarium, Rock City, Ruby Falls, Incline railway, Lookout Mtn - there was small museum, park, etc. ---Chattanooga Choo Choo and Chickamunga battle field. I'll have to ask dh because I recall doing more, but can't think of what.

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I LOVE chattanooga. There is so much to see and do there and September in Chattanooga is beautiful.




Lake Winnie is a small amusement park in nearby Chickamauga and it was a hit with my kids. They are open on Saturdays through the end of September. We loved it because there are plenty of rides for even the little kids to enjoy.


Chattanooga is a nice place for a low cost vacation because of all the parks. I'd do three or four days.



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We were just there this summer as my son is heading to nearby Covenant College next week (orientation was in June).


We REALLY liked the aquarium, and yes, if you stop to read about the exhibits, as we do, then it takes a while to get through it all.


Ruby Falls (underground waterfall) was ok. The falls, themselves, were really neat. The cavern getting there was rather "so-so" at best as far as caverns and natural features are concerned. After we were done, we felt it was worth it to see the falls since they are so unusual.


Rock City was fun. We're not into the fairy tale stuff at the end, but we loved the rock features and the gorgeous view.


We skipped the incline. We'll have four more years of heading there, so might do it another time.


Cloudland Canyon SP is on our "to do" list as are the Civil War Battlefields. We still need to walk around more downtown too. We only had one extra day planned with orientation and spent it all at the aquarium (the other things we did during orientation while waiting for my son - we took him with us to the aquarium).


If you go and find something you love, please post a follow up as we'll be spending a bit of time and $$ there over the next few years.


ps If you don't need a big pool or an extensive free breakfast, consider the Days Inn near Lookout Mountain. It costs much less than other places and was a superb place to stay (fridge, microwave, coffee maker in room). It cost us less to eat breakfast at the Waffle House next to it than to stay in a more expensive place with a "free" breakfast. If you want a pool, though, you might want to pick somewhere else. They have one, but it's only slightly bigger than a hot tub. The location was superb for our needs.

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Lake Winnie is awesome! A small clarification though - it's outside Fort Oglethorpe, not all the way down ;) in Chickamauga. (I grew up a mile from it.)


Rock City is fun but not as much if you are claustrophobic or afraid of heights - google and take a look at what you find.


Restaurants! Lupi's, Sticky Fingers, Big River, 212 Market - these are all downtown and fantastic local (or started locally and have expanded) restaurants.


The Hunter Museum of American Art has a nice collection for the size of the city, and the Bluff View Arts District has some nice shops & restaurants as well.


The Southern Belle Riverboat is a little pricey but can be fun. The Walnut Street Walking Bridge is cool, too, and if you go to the north side of the river in the daylight, Coolidge Park has a very neat carousel. (Do NOT do this near dusk. You want to be well away before night.)


Depending on how much you want to drive, check hotels in Ringgold, GA. The Hampton Inn at Exit 350 is brand new, has an indoor pool, and free breakfast. It's an easy commute but the price is cheaper, and one exit down at 348 are several restaurants, incl. Ruby Tuesday, Cracker Barrel, etc.


If you go to the Chickamauga Battlefield, go through Fort Oglethorpe, and just before the park, go around Barnhart Circle - there are beautiful old homes, and it's a quick drive.



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Thank you for your help!

Any input on hotels with a pool? They do seem a little high online-


We just went in June and stayed at Staybridge Downtown. It was a bit expensive, but we had a suite with kitchenette (and we saved 5% using Ebates). They had a pretty nice pool. (There is a free downtown shuttle that stops pretty close to the hotel. You can save a lot taking it and not having to pay to park near the aquarium, etc.)


We went to the Creative Discovery Museum (a hit with my two), the zoo (nice -- you can get up close with most of the animals), the aquarium (wonderful), and Ruby Falls (not bad). My favorite was McKay Used Books; I could have spent all day there! :D

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