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Update on my crazy neighbors

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I posted before about my neighbors, their strange note-leaving habits, the girl living in the garage and all their dumb dogs. http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=177680&highlight=speculate I wanted to update everyone. It is worse then I thought :glare:.


We thought that they were renting the house but they are trying to buy it on contract from the rental agency. They are being forclosed on so there is hope that they will be moving out. The man buying it was a registered offender who has "done his time" so he is no longer on the list (am I the only one who thinks someone found guilty should be on that list FOREVER??). The woman in the house is his girlfriend. The girl living in the garage is his daughter. He pulled her out of school when she was 16 to "homeschool" her. They were investigated by CPS a few years ago when she left alone to watch the dogs, in a house with no power, while her dad and the girlfriend went on vacation. CPS did nothing because she wasn't in immediate danger. The man buying the house has a rap sheet as long as my arm; drug convictions, the molestation conviction, at least 10 evictions. He is well known by law enforcement because he has so many dogs and because of the situation with his daughter.


This whole thing makes me reconsider my feelings on Indiana lack of homeschooling laws; it is great for me, not so great for the poor girl stuck in the garage.


I'm also really concerned about who will live back there next. If the rental agency is willing to sell it with owner financing to someone with at least 10 evictions (and sued for property damage almost every time), they clearly are not concerned about their property or the neighborhood.


The whole thing is so sad and maddening but now our neighborhood officer is aware of the situation. I'm praying that they move soon and destroy the place to a point that no one will live there again for a long time.

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Stuff like that creeps me out. Sometimes I feel like we should build a wall around our house to keep that out... But, I live in Indiana, too and that would make people think that all homeschoolers are crazy. :lol:


It sucks when a minority make the whole look bad...

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