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Phone Call

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I called Wolf on the cell while he was at work yesterday. He called me back, and the convo went something like this:


W: I see you called. What's up?

Me: Uhhh...well, if you decided to come home early, I wouldn't object.

W: What?!

Me (repeats above)

W: Oh s**t. What's wrong?

M: Pain. Lots of pain.

W: Oh crap. I'll leave as soon as I can.


I've never asked him to come home from work. Ever. I grit my teeth, get through to 'quiet time' and hope he gets home before its over (he's home by 3:45).


This am, he asked me if he should go to work. I just looked at him. He's staying home.


I've taken more breakthrough pain meds in the last 24 hrs than I have in the past 2 wks. Part of the reason I called him home is because I needed the breakthrough meds desperately, but I won't take them when I'm home alone. They make me sleepy, and nauseated...The best thing to do after taking them is go to bed for a few hrs. I'm not going to risk not being as aware and alert as I should be with little kids running around. May seem ridiculous, but I refuse to let RSD endanger my kids in the slightest.

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you're being a good mom! I remember being on heavy duty pain meds for my whiplash and head injury. The older three were in school at the time and the youngest sat between my legs on the couch watching tv as I dozed in and out all day. I felt SO bad for her but I had treats to help pacify her. She was in diapers at the time so toileting wasn't an issue. But that was ONE kid.


I'm wondering........ have you ever checked into acupunture?

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I had it once. The guy put needles on the top of each foot, then just below the webbing btwn the thumb and index finger on my GOOD hand...and I almost punched him out. He wisely decided NOT to stick any needles into my bad hand. ;)


Did nothing but hurt.

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Diva is 11, and her and Tazzie squabble. To nap when the kids are up means wearing earplugs, which I can't/won't do unless Wolf is home.


I sent Wolf for a nap, I hurt too much to sleep. Hopefully by the time he gets up the breakthrough meds will have kicked in enough for me to rest.

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