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displaying kids artwork

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My ds 5 is crying each time I have him clear up his artwork stash. We put separate crates in the garage for the boys to put their artwork. But know we need to really clear it out. I thought of buying two frames for each of their rooms that they could rotate artwork in and out of (any suggestions for easy to switch out frames) any other ideas?

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Here's an idea we've done: take a picture of the artwork and give each child a photo album. It takes up much less space and they can always treasure it. Other ideas: use paper art for making unique greeting cards, wrapping paper, gift tags, etc. Laminate a few key pieces to use as playdough mats, placemats, etc. They can be used at home and as gifts to family members. Any teacher's store will have a large laminator for the bigger pieces. HTH!

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My kids are teens and I'm glad I kept much of their artwork, the amount did slow down over time!


Back then, we just stuck their art to a certain wall until it was full and then took a bunch down when we needed the room. After they were done being displayed we stashed them in file boxes.


After a while we'd look back at the boxes and the kids usually didn't care about keeping the cut and paste type things from Sunday School etc. so we got rid of those. They still wanted their own work so we kept those. Now when they look back at them they get rid of a few more but they do still enjoy seeing their early works.


p.s. I always liked the clothesline idea but never got around to it!

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