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Has anyone seen Charlie St. Cloud? Possible spoilers...

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I went to see this with my friend last weekend. We are disagreeing about something and I'm wondering if anyone else can weigh in...


It's about the scene of the accident that kills his little brother. I say that this happens when he is on the way to drop off his brother and then he's planning to go on to the party. She says they are on their way home when the accident happens, and Charlie has obviously been drinking (acting goofy like he's drunk).


I remember Charlie and his brother being in the driveway and then suddenly they're in the car, and then the accident. If he had dropped off his brother, gone to the party, and picked up his brother again... wouldn't they have shown some of that?


So, what do you think? I know the accident wasn't his fault either way, but was he DUI?

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I understood it to be they had just left the house and were on their way; they never made it to their friend's houses. I think Charlie's behavior was more about him being slightly irritated but still goofing around with his younger brother.


The only part of the show that alludes to Charlie's drinking was later on when he was at the bar and the one guy said something about him having a drink because no one would choose him as a designated driver.

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They had not made it to the friends house yet.....they didn't show any of that. They showed Charlie sneaking out and then his brother standing in front of the car, then they drove towards their friends houses but never made it.


Either way, even if Charlie was drunk, his actions didn't kill his brother. They were stopped at a light. But I'm certain he hadn't even made it to the party yet.


I really liked this movie. I didn't expect that twist in the middle!

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