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Prayers needed for dd -cc

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Dd,5 diagnosed w/ cellulitis today. Has already moved from face to include eye orbital in a matter of hours. The dr has completely scared me about her condition and when I told her (dr) that, she said we should be quite concerned. So any prayer and/or good thoughts for Madeline are greatly appreciated.


I am a stressed out mama. And, dd - has NO idea she is ill, at all, let alone seriously ill. No behavior, eating or any changes... This all has come on so fast. 2 doses of antibiotics via shot & blood work today. Tomorrow either marked improvement or admit her to hospital. Please share any stories that involve cellulitis in face and eye orbital going away quickly or ended up being nothing.


Thank you so very much.

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My ds had cellulitis on the inside of his thigh/diaper area when he was...3? He recovered quickly with a round of antibiotics, no hospitalization.


Actually, I recall a cream (steroid?) that I had to rub on the affected area several times a day as well.


Praying for a swift recovery for your little one.

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My eldest dd had cellulitis one year ago- orbital to her ear/neck. The doc scared me, too! Years ago they would be admitted right away. Now, they don't because the abx (antibiotics) are better.

Things I wish they had told me: It may spread overnight. Take a pen and mark where the cellulitis is now (outline it).

Tomorrow morning it might very well be past those lines, however 24 hrs on the abx (draw another line) and it shouldn't spread anymore. If it does, then that is when they need to really get stronger abx in and faster, which is why they then would want to admit her.

The morning after we started abx (like 12 hrs) dd was a MESS. She was lethargic. She still had a high fever, and the rash had spread. I took her to the nearest hospital rather than the long drive to the doc's office, figuring they would have to admit her. They patted my hand and were much calmer about everything. AND dd had then started to wake up more. They drew the lines on her neck and face and into her hair line, and were much more clear about what to look for. I think her body really needed TONS of rest in order to try to heal. It's a STRONG infection, and requires STRONG medicine.

Make sure you take all the medication EXACTLY as prescribed. DD did require a second round of abx. It was almost a full month of medicine, however she felt fine once she was on abx!

Oh, and there is no evidence she ever had it. ;)

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DD had cellulitis in her eyelid when she was 7 or 8 months old. The only symptom was slight swelling, and I rushed her in only because I am very prone to pink eye, and wanted to rule that out or get meds right away if that was the cause. The doctor scared me, too, but the real danger is in cases where it isn't being monitored and treated. DD took antibiotics, we took it easy for a few days, and all was well. I hope things go as smoothly for you and your dd!

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Thank you for all of the prayers and good thoughts!!! Maddie's swelling has decreased. YEA! Now, just a normal course of antibiotics (unless the decrease does not continue or new swelling)


It was rather scary as it came upon her so quickly & doctors acted so strangely concerned, plus no waiting in the que at the office. I am not usually a rush to dr type of parent but I expected/wanted the dr to behave nonchalantly, not what we experienced.


FYI: If your child's eye area swells so that the eye won't open and turns purple in a less than 14 minute time period, rush to the dr. The entire office will take it quite seriously.


Thank you again for all of the prayers!

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