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How do I find other local homeschoolers?

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I'm the mod of a small local group. We use Yahoo Groups and it seems to be popular for local lists like that. We found our group by searching on Yahoo Groups and others seem to find us through word of mouth and through simply searching for "home school" and our city on Yahoo Groups.

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If you're a member of HSLDA you can check out their directory of homeschool groups. I'm pretty sure homeschool classifieds also has a directory (though it's not updated regularly so it's hit or miss when going through whether individual organizations are still active, but it's worth a shot).


You can search Yahoo groups and/or Google for "name of your city/county + homeschool."


Is there a forum here to network with other homeschoolers by geographic region? I can't recall. If you're comfortable enough maybe you could start a thread titled "Name of your state homeschoolers, please read me!" and share that you're trying to network. You don't have to list your city but maybe through PMs you can hook up with someone in your region?


Doesn't each state have one major homeschool organization? You could contact them to inquire about active groups in your area.

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Our group is on meetup.com, so that might be a good place to start.


Also, you might have local museums and/or historical places of interest that offer "homeschool days" or "homeschool programs," and that might be a good place to ask... or good events to network at.


For that matter, our bowling alley has a homeschool bowling league.


You could look up (just google) homeschool groups in your state and see if anything comes up.


If you really can't find anything, you might want to consider starting your own group- either on meetup.com, or by perhaps putting up flyers with an email address and/or forum you start in places that homeschoolers might frequent. Like the library for instance. The library might even be able to tell you whether there ARE other homeschoolers in your area.

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Thanks for the ideas. I had already checked out most of those ideas.


I resigned myself to starting my own group on Yahoo so here is hoping that I find at least one other person. :)


Hope you get a good response!


We live in an area where there are lots of homeschool support groups, but I couldn't find one that provided what I was looking for when we started homeschooling last year (most of the groups around here are primarily academically focused - I wanted something that was more of a social group). So I started up my own group on www.meetup.com last April. It now has 160 member families... :)


If you build it, they will come (they did in my case at least - and I hope they do for you too!)... ;)

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