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Introduction to Philosophy

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While browsing the "new books" shelf at the library, I happened across An Innovative Introduction Philosophy by Boylan and Johnson. http://www.amazon.com/Philosophy-Innovative-Introduction-Narrative-Responsive/dp/0813344484/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1281644753&sr=1-1


So far I really like what I see and we may just use it as a spine next year for a Philosophy course. It studies philosophy chronologically, uses primary texts, and offers discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Also at the end of each chapter are writing assignments and class exercises. Rubrics are given for the essays. There are papers assigned for midterm and final projects with the final projects being longer than the midterms. It seems pretty straightforward and like something we could handle. I would probably require my son to do more primary readings and read Sophie's World though just to flesh things out a bit.


Anyway, just wanted to tell you what I found. :D


ETA: There are also games in the back.

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