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Song School Latin


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The student book has activities in it for the child to do. Each chapter has vocabulary words shaded so that the student can trace over the letters. There are also matching activities and some simple drawing activities.


If your friend does not intend to do these, one book will be enough. In this case, the kids could use the book to read the words to the songs and follow along as the mom teaches.


If, however, your friend intends to do the activities, each child will need a book. Unless..... maybe the kids take turns completing the different activities. I guess that is a possibility, yet a very non-traditional one.

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I am going to use SSL for both ds. I will have one do the workbook first and then the other do it. I am not going to buy another workbook, especially the younger one is not 6 yet and I want to make it simple.

We did all ETC books orally too without writing in the book for the first ds. The second was able to write in the book because I have no intention of selling the books when we are done.

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