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Writing program junkies--help please?

Jayne J

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I'm looking for some...direction in teaching writing to my ds. Up until now, writing has been copywork for basic penmanship, but I want to move into more "formal" teaching this year. I had planned on waiting til 3rd grade and moving right into CW Aesop, as recommended in LCC, but I am beginning to feel that I had better move things up a bit with ds, for various reasons. So, I am wondering what your advice would be for this year. I had thought to start with WWE this year and maybe transition to CW in the later years, but I am unsure of how well the two mesh.


I would also love to hear what you recommend in terms of "philosophy of teaching writing" type books. I have heard so much buzz about SWB's writing mp3s that I am planning to get them, but what else? I tend to be strongly classical in this area and want writing to be a strong focus for our school, if that helps you know what I am looking for. (I'm on the Norms and Nobility, LCC, Climbing Parnassus, WTM spectrum of the classical scale, but willing to look at whatever you love!)


TIA for all your help!

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I have CW Primer, WWE (not the workbooks) and Writing Tales 1. We do CW Primer regularly (atleast once a week) plus I ask dd WWE-type narration questions for our read alouds.


I plan to start WWE properly in January, when dd will start first grade in school. I hope by then we will be done with CW Primer.


BTW I love WT and do some of the exercises occasionally with my dd. We will probably do WT 1 properly in third grade and WT 2 thereafter.


For first and second grades I would also suggest Write from Ancient History (level 1). It is a CM-style writing program covering copywork, narration and dictation.


Let me know if you have more questions.

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