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Thursday Cleaning Crew!

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Dh and I are going away for half of the weekend (Friday morning to Saturday afternoon) and I need to get the house cleaned up, but I don't want to.


Since you all can't come over here and help me clean up (or can you?), let's all set our timers and get to work.


Set your timer for 5 or 10 minutes, clean and/or declutter, then come back and tell us what you accomplished... then do it again.

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Ok, I did 10 minutes in the kitchen. Washed about half the dirty dishes, wiped out that side of the sink, took out the recycling, wiped down the kitchen counter, microwaved the sponge and wiped out the microwave.


Next, my bedroom for 5 minutes.

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I spent about 45 minutes in the garage... boxed up some of my dd's things that she left when she moved out, swept up, threw out some trash and filled a couple of bags for donations.


Now, after a break I do not know if I will do more chores... except laundry and dinner.

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15 minutes dishes

got kids started on getting rid of clothes that don't fit or they don't like...kids went through everything!

linen closet is still mocking me linen closet is halfway finished...ha, take that linen closet!

set goal: carload of stuff to resale tomorrow!...car is not packed yet but we have a stack ready to go!

Thanks for the motivation!

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