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Update on my kitchen purge

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Ok, I've really got a mess now! LOL


I took a buffet hutch that had been in my bedroom as a book case and have put it on my kitchen peninsula, creating more storage and yet a decent division between the kitchen and living room. DD's desk sits under it on the living room side, and she suggested painting the back of the hutch with chalkboard paint. I thought that was a good idea, so we'll do that. On the kitchen side, it holds all my dishes, glasses and mugs.


So far I have two boxes of kitchen misc to get rid of. Bowls, glass pans, a few small appliances, coffee mugs.


Previously, I had one of those industrial metal shelving things in the kitchen in front of the window that held food and pots and pans. I emptied that (hence needing the hutch space) and moved it into my bedroom. I have a cover for it and it's going to hold seasonal decor and the perpetual bins for outgrown or no-longer-needed clothing. The food it once held is now in the cupboards that used to house the dishes and superfluous pans and bowls.


I moved my dining table from the living room into the kitchen (no dining room in this house). I like it SO MUCH BETTER! I am getting a recliner for the living room, so my living room will look like a living room instead of a dining room.


Still to do: continue purging kitchen cabinets and organize what's left. Since I've had to rearrange things in my bedroom, continue purging clothes, books, etc from there then take it all....somewhere. I'm still going to look into the auction place, but if doesn't pan, it's going to the Salvation Army. And, clean! OMGosh, if you ever want to know how dirty your house can get, just move stuff around! :svengo:

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